Whether your event is in Philadelphia, Orlando, San Francisco or Houston, Team Builders Plus offers a wide array of engaging team building activities across the United States.

ScavengerQuest is a thrilling interactive treasure hunt throughout a city, zoo or museum. As teams of 5 navigate from point to point with their smartphones, they’ll visit famous landmarks and popular exhibits that bring the city, zoo or museum to life. Even life-long residents will discover something new about their hometown while out on one of these courses.

If competition is your speed and you want to get out and enjoy a beautiful park or surround yourselves with palm trees at the beach, try Gold Medal Games where teams of 8-10 compete in head to head events that test their mental abilities more than their physical skills, though some balance and coordination sure will help.

It’s not the biggest and strongest team that wins. It’s the team that works together most effectively and maximizes their diverse talents that comes in first. No Gold Medal Games would be complete without a medal ceremony and we deliver 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, teams win Bronze, Silver and Gold medals respectively.

Your team can blast into outer space with Intergalactic Adventure! Teams of 5-6 are launched into 2144 and become members of the Intergalactic Peace Force. It’s up to the teams to come together and harness the power of collaboration to save the galaxy from the alien invasion. Intergalactic Adventure is an ideal program in a museum’s conference space or in just about any conference room.

Looking to give back to the community? Build bikes for children during Wheels for the World or fill Red Flyer Wagons with toys to inspire toddlers to get outside and play in our Wonder Wagon team building event. Your team can construct an indoor mini-golf course and donate cans of food to the local food pantry in Mini-Golf Charity Classic or enjoy our other charity-based events. With so many ways to have fun together while helping people, what’s better than philanthropic team building?

No matter if your goal is to show your team the Rocky Balboa statue at the base of Philadelphia Art Museum, strut your stuff through Hollywood, play on the beach in South Beach Miami or walk the Magnificent Mile in Chicago, Team Builders Plus offers so many team building events that can be held in a city near you.