Team Samurai

Welcome, young grasshopper, to the most unique team building event you’ll ever experience.
Martial Arts instructors, who also happen to be team building facilitators, will guide you and your group on an uplifting journey to combine the principles of the martial arts with bringing the best out of your team. This captivating experience, steeped in the wisdom of the ages, will infuse peace, harmony, respect, and confidence into your everyday work life.
And, You Get To Play With Foam Boppers!!!
Why do you take off your shoes and bow when entering a karate dojo? Why should you leave your personal baggage at the door when entering your work place? Yes, these questions are directly related.
Get a partner, turn to face your partner, now make a fist…. Wait, this isn’t what it looks like. Shattering expectations and opening minds to new possibilities lifts you out of old habits and opens new doors.
Yin and Yang. Hot and cold. Day and night. Talkers and listeners. Planning and action. Conflict and compromise. Opposites abound, but are you taking advantage of the right combinations to bring your team to its highest levels? This unique team building activity will reveal new insights into the power of teamwork.
Dance Like Fire! Chop Like A Sword! Flow Like Water!
Earth, wood, fire, water, metal- the elements of life. In Team Samurai, each comes to life with its own set of fun, martial arts exercises. The behavioral style of each element is combined with team activities to help your group capitalize on its strengths.
For the grand finale, you’ll get to have fun with a team building exercise that uses foam boppers. Fun, educational, and safe, partners will team up to put their new-found knowledge into practice in a way they’ll never forget!
Or, for an ending with a completely different twist… Imagine being able to reset your day from hectic, chaotic and stressful to peaceful, relaxing, and calm with simple posture and breathing exercises. Doesn’t that sound refreshing and productive? Unlock the secrets of the mind through an introduction to meditation.
Program Highlights:
  • Bring the principles of peace, harmony, respect, and confidence into your office though martial arts techniques and theory.
  • Engage in active, hands-on team building activities under the guidance of a martial arts expert.
  • Discover your behavior style and those of your co-workers.
  • Begin the journey to inner peace with an introduction to meditation.

Program Stats:

Group size: 6-150
Program Length: 2-4 hours
Suggested Team Size: N/A
Space requirements: 1 60” round table per every 8 people
+ 5 sq ft open space per person
Program Location: Inside or outside

What do you mean by “Team”?

This is actually one of the few programs where we don’t form teams. There are sections where people may need to work with a partner, but in general this is a whole group activity.

What is the typical length of the program, and is this flexible?

A typical program runs 2.5-3 hours. This is extremely flexible and can be run from 1.5 hours to an all-day program. We can tailor this to suit your day’s needs. There is also an optional introduction to meditation that typically runs for an hour.

How much set-up time is needed?

A half hour is good for most groups.

We’re using our conference room all day. Can you set up during our break?

Possibly. It depends on the group size and the break length.

What are the room requirements?

The ideal set up is lots of open space and some chairs around the perimeter of the room. We need enough room that everyone can stand up, swing their arms, and not hit their neighbor. A lav microphone is needed for groups larger than 30 people.

What about prizes?

Prizes are not recommended for this activity. This is not a competition.

What is the best attire for this event?

Comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement is recommended. Business casual attire is fine. We don’t recommend skirts, suits, heels, or flip flops.

Can this be done outdoors?

Yes, but please have a back-up plan if the weather is bad.

Some of our people are not in the best shape. How strenuous is this?

This is designed for people who work in office buildings all day. Participants typically do not break a sweat. The idea is to do some light activity to illustrate a point and then discuss how the concept applies to improving the workplace. People can move at their own pace, and if they feel something might hurt their back/knee/shoulder etc. they can skip that part and still participate in the discussion.

How much clean up time is needed?

For most groups, this can be cleaned up in less than a half hour.

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