Transforming Your Senior Leadership Team

Your organization is only as effective as the people who lead it.
Unfortunately, senior teams are often held back by
silos, poor communication, and lack of alignment.

If this sounds like your Senior Leadership Team, you are not alone.

Prior to attending the Transforming Your Senior Leadership Team training program, each senior manager will complete the Team Builders Plus Senior Leadership Team Survey. They will also complete the Taking Flight with DISC assessment. The personality profile will help them understand each individual’s needs, while the team report will highlight team challenges and provide a framework for establishing team ground rules. Team exercises will highlight the group’s level of cohesiveness and discussions will help the group to move forward to being a high-performance team.

Pre-assessment: Senior Leadership Team Survey

The Senior Leadership Team Survey is a web-based assessment that identifies team strengths and opportunities for improvement. The survey provides a compelling foundation for discussing the current state of the team and how people treat each other. Team members will provide numeric ratings and comments for more than 40 critical senior leadership team competencies.

Sample survey items include:

Individuals speak only in positive terms about other team members and departments who are not present or represented.

Team members examine the impact of actions on other areas of the organization before committing to action.
Team members speak with one voice by conveying consistent messages regarding decisions and policies made by the team.

The training process:

Team Builders Plus understands that senior team members often feel that team building is “below them” and they don’t want to “play games” when they have serious issues to address. This session honors that perception by focusing the content on achieving results by creating alignment and cohesiveness.

The transformational process includes the following steps:

  • Understanding the personality-driven needs of each individual team member
  • Identifying how personality is driving team culture
  • Determining the type of team the SLT is and desires to be
  • Identifying team strengths and challenges
  • Creating a structure for team meetings that builds collaboration, drives innovation and gets results
  • Establishing team ground that determine how team members will work together and treat each other

Session objectives

This session will address real-world issues, such as:

  • Designing a framework for effective Senior Leadership Team meetings that build teamwork and get results
  • Improving communication flow within the team and out to the organization
  • Creating an environment where constructive candor is welcomed
  • Fostering mutual accountability for behaviors and results

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