Which Bird Are You?

Are you direct and decisive like an Eagle?

Are you social and energetic like a Parrot?

Are you supportive and sensitive like a Dove?

Are you inquisitive and detail-oriented like an Owl?

Have you ever taken a personality test? If you’re like most people, you get the results back, spend some time studying a personality model, and your report ends up in the bottom drawer of your desk. Sound familiar?

Team Builders Plus has reinvented the power of DISC Personality Styles and is bringing it to the world in a refreshing new way that is engaging and highly-impactful in our Taking Flight with DISC program. Instead of teaching a model built around four letters, our new approach is built around images that are already familiar to us, namely the four birds – the Eagle, the Parrot, the Dove and the Owl. We already know the characteristics of these four birds, which easily allows us to understand – and remember – the characteristics of the four personality styles.

Taking it a level higher, our approach focuses on application – that is, understanding how the four styles approach real-life situations, thereby linking the styles to information that already exists in our brains. For example, we focus on everyday realities like managing stress, dealing with change, providing feedback, delegation, risk-taking, listening skills and much more…and we look at how each of the 4 styles approaches each of these.

Once we understand how each style approaches these situations, participants begin to enjoy the tangible difference that Team Builders Plus brings: a highly- engaging and enjoyable learning experience that creates both immediate and long-term behavioral change.

Our approach is centered around the reality that we earn the best results when we treat other people the way they want to be treated, not the way we want to be treated. How do we know what other people want? It’s easy once we understand ourselves and the DISC styles.

  • Imagine being able to instantly identify someone’s DISC style and improving your communication with everyone in your life.
  • Imagine a workplace in which managers know how to communicate with their teams and provide feedback in a way that really connects with every team member.
  • And imagine investing in DISC training and watching it transform your culture.

Now that’s powerful.

After experiencing a Taking Flight with DISC session, participants will have an entirely new framework in which to approach each relationship in their lives and the results will be remarkable.

Let’s Take Flight!

Program Stats:

Group size: 5-35
Program Length: 2-6 hours
Space requirements: one 60” round table per every 6 people
Program Location: Inside

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