Team Bonding Activies

As the team building division of Take Flight Learning, Team Builders Plus programs range from fun team building activities to intensive team interventions… and everything in between. You decide where you are on the continuum & we’ll provide you with options that will exceed your expectations.

Find Your Perfect Team Bonding Experience

In Person
Group Size
Group Size
Less than 14
Event Goal
Event Goal
Team Bonding
Fun & Learning
Team Development
1.15 hrs
2-3 hrs
3 hours
3.5 hours to full day
full day


Get ready for a thrilling team building adventure! Using your smartphones, teams race, compete in fun challenges, earn points and capture pictures to share with each other during the hunt. Discover a city or zoo like never before!

You Take the Cake!

You Take the Cake is a delicious and creative team building program for your team. Imagine sculpting a cake into an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any initiative your organization is supporting.

Gold Medal Games

Based on the olympic ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and good clean fun, Gold Medal Games is a team building program filled with hilarious exercises designed to build camaraderie among coworkers. Who will win the gold?

CSI: NegativeZero

Does your team have what it takes to solve a high-profile homicide? In the CSI: NegativeZero team building program, participants learn CSI agent crime solving skills using a combination of real and comical crime fighting techniques.

In It to Win It

In It to Win It combines fun and zany tabletop group activities ideal for a conference kick-off event or evening entertainment. You will laugh your way through a series of excercises.