Win as Much as You Can

You’ve gathered your team or organization together, likely at a large meeting or conference. You’ve spent your day listening to presenters and you want to end with something fun that highlights the importance of collaboration. Or maybe, you’d like to kick off your event with something engaging that sets the tone for working as a team throughout your time together.

Win as Much as You Can is the perfect one-hour session to allow people to experience the power of teamwork, trust and effective communication. The session is composed of two activities.

The first 45-minute exercise gives people the choice to work together to achieve success or to care only about their own team. Of course, they’ll choose working towards a unified goal in which everyone wins over competition and silos, right?

Not so fast. The temptation to think only of one’s own team rather than the group as a whole is strong. For most groups, too strong. In Win as Much as You Can, teams have ten rounds to win as much “money” as they can. If they see themselves as partners on the same team, everybody wins. But if they fragment into silos, the team as a whole might even lose money.

Gameplay is hilarious as groups surprise each other at every turn. Following the exercise, a powerful debrief links the activity to the real-world business environment. The discussion will be based on:

  • The importance of establishing a common mission and agreed upon goals
  • The impact of creating a culture based on trust, accountability and breaking down silos
  • The power of establishing open communication and creating a collaborative work environment

In the levitating poles activity, participants get to experience what happens when people work together in unison…or do not. One would think that it’s incredibly easy to lower a pole to ground…but of course, it is not, unless you work together with flawless cooperation. Laughter will fill the room as groups try to achieve their goal.

After groups complete their objective, the discussion focuses on:

  • Communicating positively in the face of challenging times
  • Working together to achieve team goals
  • Taking personal accountability rather than finger-pointing and blaming
  • Establishing a clear process that will drive success

Win as Much as You Can is action-packed from beginning to end. If you are looking to energy and insight to your next event, Win as Much as You Can may be just what you are looking for.

Program Stats:

Group size: 12-unlimited
Program Length: 1 hour
Suggested Team Size: N/A
Space requirements: one 60” round table per every 8 people
Program Location: Inside

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