Team Chef

Begin your Team Chef experience by attending our “Restaurant School.” Teams will take part in a series of team building activities to win the materials you will need to complete the activities.
The way the tables are arranged, the centerpieces, even how the napkins are folded! Your teams will learn how to create tablescapes to impress.
But first, you need to work as a team to earn the necessary ingredients. Do you have what it takes to survive the Licorice Basket Brigade or the Calorie Counter?Once your table is designed, teams will then begin high-energy team building challenges to earn ingredients to create their delicacies. Teams will prepare Roast Beef Canapes, Turkey Hummus Pinwheels, Sweet Ricotta Toasts, Caprese Skewers and All American Parfaits.
At each challenge, one lucky team will even win a secret ingredient! Will they share the fruits of their success? We’ll see!
Wrapping up the event, and before they enjoy the fruits of their labor, teams will perform a commercial about their restaurant. Hilarity ensues.
Team Chef is a fast-paced, fun, team building activity that can take place in just about any conference room.
Safety, cleanliness, knife safety guidelines are reviewed in the program.

Program Stats:

Group size: 12-60
Program Length: 2-3 hours Suggested
Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: 1 60” round table per group
Program Location: Inside

What is the best team size?

We typically recommend teams of 5. However, teams of 3-6 can also work well. 7 or more people per team will not be as engaging for all of the participants.

Is it better to predetermine the members of the teams or randomly assign people to teams?

The answer to this question depends upon your goal for the session. Sometimes, participants are comprised of several teams from one department. In these cases, our clients tend to like to preset the teams so that people can interact with people they don’t work with on a regular basis. Other times, groups are comprised of a single team or department and randomly assigning teams works fine.

Who forms the teams?

We can randomize small groups on the spot, but for groups larger than 20 people, we recommend you form the teams ahead of time. If you are preselecting the teams, we suggest you disseminate this information to the participants either at the program or prior to the event. We do not recommend reading off of a list at the beginning of the program.

What is the typical length of the program, and is this flexible?

A typical program runs 2.5-3 hours. Half hour flexibility is easy in either direction. The program can be shortened to a minimum run time of 1.5 hours.

How much set-up time is needed?

2.5 hours for most groups. We need to set up an entire dinner spread.

We’re using our conference room all day. Can you set up during our break?

No. The set up is intricate and extensive.

What if you set up in another room and move it into the main room?

I’m sorry, this really doesn’t work. The materials are too easily messed up in the moving process.

What are the room requirements?

The ideal setup is 1 60” round table with linens and chairs for each team, 3 8’ rectangular tables for program supplies at the front of the room (for up to 5 teams), a sound system (for music), and microphone (if more than 30 people), and trash cans in each corner of the room.

What about prizes?

We typically play for secret ingredients for the winning teams. We can judge the overall presentation of each team at the end of the program if you like. There is not enough time or stomach space to do a taste test. Most people are stuffed by the end. If you choose to provide a small prize for the best presentation, we suggest keeping it small.

What is the best attire for this event?

Conference room attire is just fine. We provide aprons and rubber gloves.

Is this messy? Will we get dirty?

While this is typically not very messy, we do have a wide variety of cleaning supplies on hand just in case. Also, see above.

Can this be done over drinks?

People are using knives. Please make this decision wisely.

Can this be done outdoors?

Due to bugs and/or heat, we strongly discourage this.

How is the scoring done?

The facilitator announces the winner of each event and they get a secret ingredient from the chef. If you choose to select a winning presentation at the end of the event, it can be judged by applause, you can have VIPs select a winner, or our chef can decide.

Can we do a serious debrief to have deep learning and work on long-standing issues in our organization?

That’s a different program.

Can we customize our program?

Possibly. It depends on what you have in mind. There may be an additional charge.

How much clean up time is needed?

We will have all of our supplies out within a half hour of the end of the program. If you can give us more time, we appreciate it.

What if someone is a vegetarian?

Each person can make their own version of any dish. It’s very easy to leave meat out and still have something tasty and substantial.

What if someone has a Gluten allergy or other allergy?

Please let us know and we will make the appropriate substitutions. There are no nuts or seafood in the program.

Is it really enough for dinner?

Most people leave stuffed and can’t get through all 5 courses.

This one guy is so picky; he never eats anything. What about him?

Even if you have the world’s pickiest eaters, there are wraps and enough ingredients from the program that they can make themselves the perfect custom sandwich with anything they want on it.

We have a lot of, um, really hearty and enthusiastic eaters. Will they be satisfied?

We’ve always left with bags of leftovers.

What about all the knives and bowls and other cookware?

You can keep anything you like. We throw it all out after each program for sanitary purposes.

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