Team Challenge

What if you could spend half of your day playing games, but also come away from the experience with a deeper understanding of your team, its dynamics, and better ways to communicate?

Team challenge puts you in the middle of exciting and mind-opening team building activities that will push your team to new levels of insight for reaching your greatest levels of success.

Is your team perceptive? Clever? Quick-witted? How about just quick?

Our facilitators will lead your team through a series of adventures to test your mental- and sometimes physical- dexterity, then assess your team’s effectiveness at teamwork, communication, and trust building, providing new perspectives on how to improve these skills.

Sample Team Building Challenges

Toxic Waste – Plan, organize, and coordinate to see if your team can work together to save each other from this environmental catastrophe. This takes some imaginative thinking and some nimble hands to get the job done.

Win As Much As You Can – Do we work together or sabotage the group to get ahead? Can we really trust the other teams? This memorable gamble will show you whose side people are really on.

Zoom – What does your world look like from space? From an airplane? From the tip of your nose? Through a mirror? Viewed from someone else’s window? From the cat’s perspective? Can you piece it together to form a coherent story?

Levitating Pole – Team Challenge is the witty and thought provoking team building exercise you’ve been looking for. Enjoy the mind-bending games while learning about your team’s strengths and how to identify and improve it’s weaknesses.

Program Highlights:

  • Several team building challenges are selected with your group size and strategic goals in mind.
  • Clever and energetic exercises keep your team engaged while learning how to improve communication and trust.
  • Improve team dynamics through this fast-paced and interactive team building event.

Program Stats:

Group size: 8-40
Program Length: 2-4 hours
Suggested Team Size: N/A
Space requirements: 1 60” round table + 20 sq ft open space per every 5 people
Program Location: Inside or outside

What do you mean by “Team”?

: For this activity, we typically look at your group as one whole team. However, we will be forming and reforming
different size teams throughout the program. Some activities are with the entire group as a whole, some involve
partners, and some need small teams of 4-6. We try to change up the groups for every activity so people get a
chance to work with everybody at some point.

What is the typical length of the program, and is this flexible?

A typical program runs 2.5-3 hours. Half hour flexibility is easy in either direction. The program can be
shortened to a minimum run time of 1.5 hours.

How much set-up time is needed?

For most groups this can be set up in a half hour.

We’re using our meeting room all day, can set up be done in another room and moved in during our break?

Possibly. It depends on the group size and the break length.

What are the room requirements?

The ideal set up is one 60” round table with linens and chairs for every 5 people, one 8’ rectangular table for
program supplies at the front of the room, and a microphone if we have more than 30 people. We also need open
space equal to double the space of the round tables in the room. For example: 20 people requires 4 tables, then
we need in addition to that the open space equivalent to 8 tables, for a total space equal to 12 tables.

Can this be done outdoors?

Yes, provided we have access to tables.

Can this be done while drinks and appetizers are being served?

No. Some activities require the entire group to be involved and engaged. If one person misses part of the
activity it can ruin it for the entire group. If someone misses the start of an activity it could be impossible to work
them into an activity in progress and they will need to sit out of a 40 minute segment. The comings and goings of
food and drink really make this impossible.

What about prizes?

With groups constantly changing composition it’s impossible to keep score. If you’re looking for something
intrinsically competitive, please check out our Gold Medal Games.

Some of our folks are not in the best shape. Is this strenuous?

Not at all. This is designed for people who work in office buildings all day. Also we transition from sit-down
activities to stand-up activities so people don’t get too fidgety sitting or too tired standing.

Can we customize our program?

Yes! In fact, we will work with you to see what issues your team is facing and select the activities that best help
to work on those problems.

What is the best attire?

Conference room attire is fine.

How much clean up time is needed?

We typically have all of our supplies removed from the room within a half hour of the end of the program.
Larger group sizes may require more time.

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