How can you participate in a team building event and simultaneously reach out and bring joy and inspiration to children in your community? It’s simple: Give them a SmileKit!

What Are SmileKits?
SmileKits are extra-large gift bags filled with items targeted to address the specific needs of teachers and children in schools in your community. Or if you prefer, you can select your own charity, such as a Children’s hospital, a women’s shelter, a food pantry, an animal shelter, or just about any charity.

A Charitable Team Building Event 
Positive energy greets the participants from the moment they enter the Zoom event. They are welcomed by friendly team building facilitators, upbeat music, and the anticipation of fun to come. Participants earn gifts for their SmileKit by completing a series of fast-paced, challenging activities that keep everyone highly engaged. Participants tap their inner creativity to personalize their SmileKit with an inspirational design to send a message of hope to local school children.
SmileKits team building program’s length and complexity can be tailored to fit your needs – and, we can conduct the event virtually using Zoom. We’ll ship everything needed to decorate and fill the SmileKits to each participant prior to the program. All you need to do is provide participants that are ready for collaboration, good communication, creativity… and a lot of heart.
SmileKits team building program is a wildly fun, engaging, and memorable program that will leave a lasting impression on every participant, and at the same time bring joy to children in your area.
This team building activity can be conducted in-person for your team or can be led virtually via Zoom. The virtual SmileKits are filled with school supplies donated to local schools, teachers or children in your area.

Program Stats:

Group size: 12-300+
Program Length: 2.5-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: 1 60” round table per group
Program Location: In-person or virtual through Zoom

What is the best team size?

We typically recommend teams of 5. However, teams of 3-6 can also work well. 7 or more people per team will not be as engaging for all of the participants.

Is it better to predetermine the members of the teams or randomly assign people to teams?

The answer to this question depends upon your goal for the session. Sometimes, participants are comprised of several teams from one department. In these cases, our clients tend to like to preset the teams so that people can interact with people they don’t work with on a regular basis. Other times, groups are comprised of a single team or department and randomly assigning teams works fine.

Who forms the teams?

We can randomize small groups on the spot, but for groups larger than 20 people, we recommend you form the teams ahead of time. If you are preselecting the teams, we suggest you disseminate this information to the participants either at the program or prior to the event. We do not recommend reading off of a list at the beginning of the program.

What is the typical length of the program, and is this flexible?

A typical program runs 2.5 hours. Half-hour flexibility is easy in either direction. The program can be shortened to a minimum run time of 1.5 hours.

How much set-up time is needed?

It takes one hour to unpack and set-up for 8 teams. 9-20 teams require 2 hours. 21-50 teams require 3 hours.

We’re using our meeting room all day, can set up be done in another room and moved in during our break?

This is possible if the room is very close and carts are available. Also, there needs to be a long enough break that give us the time to move all of the training materials. A minimum half-hour break is required, but this could vary based on the group size.

What are the room requirements?

The ideal setup is one 60” round table with linens and chairs for each team. Three 8’ rectangular tables for program supplies for every 10 teams. Also, a screen, projector, sound system, and microphone (for groups larger than 30) are needed.

Where do the bags go?

We have partnerships with many charities throughout the country. SmileKits can go to a local children’s hospital, be shipped to soldiers overseas, support an animal shelter, or help a local school in need. We will tailor the theme of your event around your charity.

Can we choose our own charity?

Yes! You can pick the charity and we will coordinate all of the logistics for you.

if we pick a hospital, will we get to meet the kids?

Unfortunately no. Many of these kids are too sick to leave the hospital, and confidentiality laws prevent us from taking pictures of kids in the hospital. However, we will do our best to get a representative from the hospital (or your charity) to come to the event to thank you in person and talk about the impact your group is making on the community.

Can this be done outdoors?

In theory, yes, but we don’t recommend it. Be sure to account for the weather and have a back-up plan.

Can this be done while drinks and appetizers are being served?

Since this might be donated to kids in the hospital, we do not recommend any form of alcohol is consumed during the activity. We don’t want the chance of anything being spilled on the contents of the SmileKIts.

How much clean up time is needed?

We typically have all of our supplies removed from the room within a half hour of the end of the program. Larger group sizes may require more time.

What’s in the SmileKit?

We will work with the charity of your choice to see what’s on their wish list. The bags are so packed with useful and fun items that it always benefits more than 1 individual. 1 SmileKit can be distributed to benefit many.

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