Philanthropic Activities

Team Builders Plus has led philanthropic events that build teamwork and give back to the community. Through our charitable team building activities, we have given away more than 10,000 bikes to children, 25,000 toys to children in hospitals and comfort items to those serving in the military, and 500,000 food items to local food banks. Have fun while giving back to the community!

Find Your Perfect Philanthropic Team Experience

In Person
Group Size
Group Size
Less than 14
Event Goal
Event Goal
Team Bonding
Fun & Learning
Team Development
1.15 hrs
2-3 hrs
3 hours
3.5 hours to full day
full day

Wheels for the World

Recall the fun and freedom of your first bicycle. Here’s your chance to create those memories for childrenn. Earn bicycle parts through fun activities then donate the bikes to kids in need.


Participate in a memorable team building event while donating items to people in need. Each SmileKit is filled with gifts for your desired charity. Earn items through a series of interactive team activities.

Mini Golf Charity Classic

Mini Golf Charity Classic is a fun way to give back to the community. Earn cans and boxes of food to build a miniature golf course. After creating the course, play a round of golf then donate the food to a local food bank.

Wonder Wagon

Remember playing hopscotch on a chalk-colored sidewalk? Or how about tossing a Frisbee in a park on a sunny day? Your team will earn outdoor games for children that will fill a classic Radio Flyer wagon. Your team will build the wagon as they earn the parts in fun team activities.