Fun and Learning Team Building Activities

Who says you can’t learn while you’re having fun? If you’re looking for team building activities exercise that offers insight into various aspects of team dynamics, Team Builders Plus has a range of unique options for you. Each of these half-day events includes a substantive debrief that relates their experience in the team building activity to real-world challenges of communication, collaboration, trust, common goals, breaking down silos, leadership, and more.

Find Your Perfect Team Experience

In Person
Group Size
Group Size
Less than 14
Event Goal
Event Goal
Team Bonding
Fun & Learning
Team Development
1.15 hrs
2-3 hrs
3 hours
3.5 hours to full day
full day

Intergalactic Adventure

Are you ready to save the galaxy from invading aliens? In Intergalactic Adventure teams must break down silos and work together to achieve a common mission. This high-energy program is both fun and educational.


Welcome to the Kingdom of Harmonia! Transport to medieval times where the kingdom desperately needs your guidance and wisdom. Every decision you make will determine whether you prosper or perish. Work together to defeat the neighboring kingdom, Nexdoria.

Win as Much As You Can

Win as Much as You Can is the perfect one-hour event to allow people to experience the power of teamwork, trust, effective communication, and working towards common goals.

Team Samurai

Martial Arts instructors, who also happen to be team building facilitators, will guide you and your group on an uplifting journey to combine the principles of the martial arts to bring out the best in your team.

Team Challenge

Through a series of activities, your team members will gain a deeper understanding of how they work together and communicate. The debrief that follows each exercise links their experience to real-world applications.