Team Building Activities in Colorado Springs, CO

Colorado Springs, CO, is home to many team building opportunities for your organization. You don’t have to travel an hour to Denver to take part in leadership training sessions and team building activities. Team Builders Plus offers a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences for you in Colorado Springs.

Imagine a fun and engaging team building activity that allows your team to travel across the reaches of space!

Intergalactic Adventure, an action-packed adventure activity that simulates an alien invasion, will have your teams searching for answers in a safe, group team building exercise. Teams will try to be the first to reach the alien planet and defeat any possible threats. Members must work together to devise a plan of attack, convey important information, and use what they know in a flexible and critical manner. Unexpected events cause teams to improvise, adapt and collaborate with other teams to accomplish the objectives. This engaging exercise requires effective collaboration, leadership, planning and communication from all members involved to be successful.

Want to get out of a conference room? Race for the gold in a series of fun, competitive activities that we can lead in any park. Gold Medal Games is the ideal team building activity for your summer picnic.

Compete against other teams and race and against the clock in a variety of competitive-style events during this 2-3 hour activity. You will be able to show off your gold, silver or bronze medals at the end. Bragging rights not included.

Taking Flight with DISC is the foundation to our leadership development training and we recommend this session for everyone. Offered as a half-day or full-day session, Taking Flight with DISC will engage your teams in interactive exercises as they learn what communication styles they are and learn how to better communicate as a team. They will laugh and bond during this training session and will find that DISC is a useful tool not only within their own team but also within the organization and in their personal lives.