Team Building Activities in Winston Salem, NC

Enjoy a gorgeous day in historic Winston-Salem with your team and a team building experience customized around your needs. Whether you are looking for leadership development, a fun outdoor team building activity or a unique indoor team event, we have just what your team needs.

Explore historic Winston-Salem with our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt team building activity. Your smartphones have helped you find gas and food in town, but has it ever directed you towards an afternoon of adventure and fun? Our ScavengerQuest utilizes smartphones and our skilled facilitator in order to make the most challenging and fun treasure hunt people will ever participate in. Don’t think that the smartphone will make the hunt easy; you’re still going to need to work together and use all of your unique talents to solve the trivia, photo tasks, clues and challenges in store for you. Get ready to hone your leadership capabilities, improve your communication skills, and to have the adventure of a lifetime.

If you are planning an indoor event, then we highly recommend our Wheels for the World bike-build activity. Everybody remembers their first bicycle. There’s nothing more touching than remembering how you learned to ride your first bike, and that feeling is irreplaceable and precious. You and your co-workers can help make an unforgettable memory for a child by working together to build a bicycle for a child in need. In our Wheels of the World program you and your co-workers will be split into teams and given the task of assembling a bike. It won’t be simple, you’ll have to work together to complete tasks so that you can earn each part of the bicycle. At the end of your team event, you won’t just have a complete bicycle and a new sense of team work; you’ll also have the feeling of knowing that you made a child happy.

Or, take part in our Intergalactic Adventure that can take place in any conference room. In the far distant future aliens have become a credible threat to humanity, and it’s up to you and your group to figure out what they’re up to so you can save the human race. You and your team will need to find a way to infiltrate the enemy’s base, complete missions, and make it back to your ship on time. The future of humanity rests in the hands of you and your office, and you’re going to have to work together and learn the true meaning of teamwork in order to do it.