Team Building Activities in Salt Lake City, Utah

Team Builders Plus has been helping people in Salt Lake City, UT re-discover the principles of team work, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking for more than two decades. We don’t take the typical corporate approach to teaching your employees these concepts; we make our activities engaging, educational, and fun.

Everyone remembers the pride and joy they felt when they got their very first bicycle, but there are some children that won’t be able to have that experience because their family can’t afford the luxury of a new bike. Our Wheels of the World bike-build program will give your employees a chance to learn about teamwork and also help make a child in need. Your employees will be split up into teams and given the task of building a functional bicycle. (Don’t worry, we’ll have a bike tech check it out before a kid receives the bike.) Team members will have to earn the parts by working together as a team to answer questions. At the end of the team event, they’ll have learned lessons about teamwork and giving back.

In the 22nd century, humanity has made contact with an extra-terrestrial species. Unfortunately, these aliens aren’t friendly (hey, let’s face it, they rarely are). The aliens are planning a devastating attack on the universe, and your team members are the only ones who can stop it. Your teams will select from a series of missions in which they can infiltrate the alien’s stronghold, thwart their plans, and save the galaxy. In the Intergalactic Adventure activity they’ll have to work together and use their critical thinking and problem solving skills if they want to save humanity, but they’ll need to work quickly since time is running out!

Martial arts aren’t just used to hone fighting skills.  People have been using the arts for centuries to find inner peace and learn more about the world around them. Our Team Samurai: The Art of Teamwork exercise will teach your employees about the various mind states of martial arts and how they can use them to get along better with their co-workers. You’ll meditate, learn about the earth elements, find helpful ways to manage stress, and learn about the benefits of working together.