Team Building Activities in Hartford, Connecticut

We can lead your next corporate team building activity at places like the Connecticut Science Museum or in just about any conference room in Hartford! Our activities and leadership training sessions are engaging, high-energy and can be customized to meet your needs.

In Intergalactic Adventure, flash forward to the year 2144 and prepare to go on a cosmic adventure! A simulated alien invasion will have your teams searching for answers in a safe, group team building exercise. Any number of groups can compete against each other, each trying to be the first to reach the alien planet and defeat any possible threats. Members must work together to devise a plan of attack, convey important information, and use what they know in a flexible and critical manner. This fast-paced team building activity of unity is sure to build integral skills that will become helpful into the future and beyond! Will you be able to conquer the invaders and protect Earth? Only if you can become a true team!

If you would like to participate in a team building program that will put a smile on the faces of children, we have the perfect event for you! Imagine your team working together to try and solve puzzles, answer questions, and fulfill challenges to acquire bike parts. After you have built and decorated your bikes, your group will present a marketing campaign to promote them. At the end of the event, children from a charitable organization in your community will rush in and receive a new bike built just for them. Are you aware of how much brighter their lives will become just from this simple act of kindness? With Wheels for the World, you won’t have to wonder about it, you’ll be living it! Everyone involved will certainly remember the day with fondness as well as carry the skills they learned far into the future.

Taking Flight with DISC is an engaging session that is the foundation to our leadership training sessions and it is a great component to add to any of our team building activities. Through interactive exercises, you and your team members will better understand how to communicate and adapt your communication styles based on your audience.