Team Building Activities in Princeton, NJ

Nassau Street captures the essence of Princeton, the charm of a small college town on one side and the sophistication of a prominent international university on the other. Walking the tree-lined streets, one is just as apt to hear a foreign language spoken as one is English. It’s this mix that gives the town its unique feel, making it the perfect location for a team building exercise.

Princeton is rich with history, dating back to the founding of the United States. Washington’s defeat of the British at Princeton in January 1777, just days after his surprise crossing of the Delaware and victory in Trenton, was a turning point in the Revolutionary War.

Two signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Witherspoon and Richard Stockton, both had ties to Princeton University which hosted meetings of the Continental Congress in the spring and fall of 1783. That impact on our nation has continued to the present day. The list of Presidents, statesmen, scientists, athletes, authors, Supreme Court justices, generals, actors, and astronauts with Princeton connections is extensive.

The ScavengerQuest team building treasure hunt allows your group to explore Princeton while discovering its plentiful history

After a start in Palmer Square, smartphones lead teams from the bike shop frequented by Albert Einstein, to historic churches, to a stage shared by Jimmy Stewart and Brooke Shields, and to Nassau Hall, the original Princeton University building. Although history predominates, there’s also plenty of room for whimsy. Several of the clues your team needs to find are sure to bring a smile to their faces – though you might not recognize them reflected in the funhouse mirror they’ve just discovered.

To wrap things up, have your group gather at Triumph Brewery or the Witherspoon Grill for your team activity debrief and some well-deserved beverages and perhaps something to eat.

If your plans involve indoor activities such as Intergalactic Adventure or our Wheels for the World bike build for kids, consider utilizing meeting space at the Nassau Inn.  Team Builders Plus offers many indoor options in Princeton from transporting your teams back to a medieval kingdom of Harmonia to CSI NegativeZero and solving the murder of Victor Steele to harnessing the power of the DISC personality styles during Taking Flight with DISC to learn about the most important person ever- yourself!