Charlotte, NC - Team Building Activities

Charlotte, North Carolina is a beautiful city for a team building activity, and as often as you visit downtown, you probably didn’t notice the details and history that makes up the city! Team Builders Plus prides ourselves on utilizing those details to enrich our team building activities for you whether you are experiencing a treasure hunt in downtown Charlotte or at the North Carolina Zoo. The smartphones won’t make the courses that easy for you during ScavengerQuest. You will need to rely on brainpower and teamwork if you want to find the clues, solve trivia and complete the challenges. If you’d like a team building experience that allows you to explore Charlotte, NC, you’ll love ScavengerQuest.

While in Charlotte, head back to medieval times and enjoy a team bonding experience during our interactive indoor team building program called Harmonia.  Each team member will play a role on the way to save the kingdom of Harmonia while learning that decisions they make as individual teams affect everyone.

If you’re looking for a charity-based team building event, Mini Golf Charity Classic is a blast!  Through engaging golf-themed activities, teams earn the parts they need to construct mini golf holes.  Teams also earn a wealth of food pantry items to use in the construction of their golf holes.  After a rousing round of mini golf, the teams will donate the food to a local food pantry.