Team Building Activities in Laguna Beach, CA

If you have team members visiting Southern California, a treasure hunt throughout downtown Laguna Beach is a great way to showcase the area and give your team a taste of the beauty California has to offer.

We’ve all got a kid in us that has always wanted to go on a treasure hunt, and now’s your chance. With the help of smart phones, you will roam around downtown Laguna Beach under sunny skies while engaging in a little friendly competition. Be prepared to examine signage, scour the gift shops and experience Laguna Beach like you never have before. ScavengerQuest is an exciting treasure hunt and downtown Laguna Beach is one of our most beautiful courses.

Take your team to the warm sands of the beach and embrace some fun competitive spirit. Gold Medal Games is an enjoyable, challenging, and competitive way for your team to get outside and enjoy themselves. Teams of 8 to 10 compete in a series of wacky, Olympic-style events designed to bring out their team spirit while maximizing the fun for the whole group. Gold Medal Games is three hours of jam-packed action and excitement as you compete for the gold, silver or bronze medal.

Riding bikes along the beach is a popular site, but for some kids this fun past time is not an option. Not everyone has the same advantages as others and Wheels for the World is an excellent opportunity for you to take part in a team building activity while making a positive impact on the lives of children in your community.

Your teams will compete to earn bike parts, build and decorate the bikes and then, just when they thought the activity could not have been any better, the kids rush into the conference room to receive their new bikes.

With over a dozen options to choose from, Team Builders Plus has the team building event to exceed your expectations!