Team Building Activities in Chicago, Illinois

You and your team are racing down Wacker Drive in Chicago as you head towards your next clue at the Navy Pier. A strong breeze propels the group as you glance behind you to make sure that your team members are right there with you. Just last week you were sitting in an office together, separated by cubicle walls with your headphones on to avoid conversation. Now these are the people who will help you solve the riddle and claim victory. Who knew Tim in Accounting was so good at puzzles?

Now, you can be part of the excitement. This is just one activity that companies from all over the country experience when they enlist Team Builders Plus to help them discover the power of working together to achieve a common goal. Our carefully designed team building activities from more than 20 years of experience in working with small businesses and large organizations help reveal skills co-workers never knew they had. You’ll impress your teammates with your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills – and you’ll have some fun as well.

Our Chicago team building treasure hunt, ScavengerQuest, will take you all over the Windy City as you wear your best detective hat trying to solve a variety of clues, trivia and philanthropic challenges. You may even search through the Lincoln Park Zoo or Field Museum to solve your next challenging clue as ScavengerQuest can be led indoors or outdoors, depending if you have the opprunity to enjoy a beautiful Chicago Spring day or a blustery January afternoon.

From charity-based activities like Wonder Wagon where your team assembles Radio Flyer Wagons filled with toys to an out of this world adventure with the destination set to collaboration during Intergalactic Adventure, Team Builders Plus offers many levels of team building based on your needs and goals.

Team Challenge helps turn groups into high-performance teams with team exercises that create a foundation for addressing real-world issues of the team. This session is based on giving people the opportunity to discuss their team dynamics and consciously create an environment in which people love the culture and create superior results.

From Navy Pier to the Willis Tower to Magnificent Mile to the Lincoln Park Zoo, the team building offerings in Chicago are virtually endless.