Team Building Activities in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is the second largest city in Tennessee, after Memphis, and is nicknamed “Music City”. It’s home to the Grand Ole Opry, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, CMA Music Festival, Music Row and numerous music clubs and bars. The culture of Nashville extends past music, it also includes several parks, museums, colleges, and Civil War history. The rich environment of Nashville makes it an ideal location for your next team event.

Want to give your group a challenging and fun team building activity that will get them working together, and even leave them with some insights on how to bring out the best in each other back in the office?

ScavengerQuest, an engaging outdoor team building activity for groups of any size is the perfect solution. Take in the sights and sounds of downtown Nashville as competing teams seek to find and decipher treasure hunt clues guided by smart phones. The clues are hidden throughout the city and your team will tap their collective strengths to achieve their goal.

If you don’t have time to get out and explore Nashville, Team Builders Plus offers many indoor options.  Step back to medieval times to the kingdom of Harmonia.  Your team will learn the power of decision making and collaboration as they help the peasants, the king and the land of Harmonia grow.

CSI NegativeZero transports you to the land of movie stars and big dreams.  Someone killed Victor Steele on the set of NegativeZero and its up to you, the newly deputized CSI agents, to figure out the who, how and why behind the murder.  Your teams will learn real crime fighting techniques as they race to be the first ones to solve the case!