Team Building Activities in San Jose, California

San Jose is the third largest city in California and it offers many opportunities for your next corporate team building activity. Whether you are looking for an outdoor treasure hunt or an indoor philanthropic bike building program, Team Builders Plus offers the team building program you’re looking for.

Do you love all things tech related? If so, you’ll want to be sure to have your office participate in our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt in San Jose’s Tech Museum of Innovation. We set up an elaborate treasure hunt in The Tech where team members will work together to solve puzzles and search for clues armed with smartphones and a skilled facilitator. They’ll be exploring exhibits while they take on leadership roles, plan their next action and even learn a little bit about each other during this fast-paced team building activity.

If you love exploring cityscapes and working to solving puzzles, the outdoor ScavengerQuest is for you. Venture outside of the San Jose Tech Museum to experience our outdoor treasure hunt team building activity.

You and your team will use smartphones as you explore downtown San Jose in search of clues while learning a bit of history. Make sure you wear something comfortable since you’re going to be doing a lot of exploring!

We also have a ScavengerQuest course just a few miles away in Palo Alto!

Discover a wide of range of team building events that can be held in San Jose, CA.  The weather in San Jose is always beautiful and its perfect bike riding weather. Wheels for the World is a unique team building activity that enables your team to experience a fun team building program while building bikes for kids in their community. Most of us had a bike when we when were a kid and unfortunately not every kid has that luxury. Your team will take part in fun challenges to earn bike parts, assemble and decorate the bikes and then the magic happens…the kids appear. Wheels for the World is truly an amazing team building experience that your team will never forget.