Team Building Activities in Seattle, WA

At Team Builders Plus we know that memos and paperwork urging unified teamwork often fail to catch attention. Instead why not take your team on an Intergalactic Adventure to save the galaxy or an investigative hunt through the streets of Seattle with only a smartphone and the power or teamwork?

You have the opportunity to choose between two fun ScavengerQuest treasure hunt courses that we have designed for you. First, the course at the Seattle Center near the Space Needle offers the chance to explore the city. Many teams will begin or end their hunt at a restaurant. Our second course is at the waterfront and your teams will race through the famous Pike Place Market.

Charity-based team building events are a fantastic way to give back to the community while building camaraderie amongst your team members.   Build bikes for underprivileged kids with Wheels for the World or assemble Radio Flyer Wagons and fill them with toys that motivate younger kids to get outside and play.  With Wonder Wagon or Wheels for the World, there won’t be a dry eye in the house when the kids see a brand new bike or a wagon overflowing with toys.

Our expert, dynamic facilitators can even customize your experience to meet the core issues you are looking to address. Workplace topics including team cohesion, trust, silos, accountability, creativity, and performance management can be themed throughout to add a significant layer of learning to our programs.  than simple coworkers, they must be partners in an event that will forever change how they perceive working as a group. While exploring interesting places in Seattle, teams will grow together and take a collective step closer to the finish line.