Team Building Activities in Portland, Oregon

Pioneer Courthouse Square is a premier venue in Portland, home to many exciting events throughout the year and team building activities are no exception. Team Builders Plus offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor leadership training and corporate team building activities throughout Portland.

Pioneer Courthouse Square is the ideal launching point for our team building ScavengerQuest treasure hunt. ScavengerQuest is a hunt like no other. Guided with smartphones, your team will search for hidden clues, take photos and embark on thrilling challenges to earn points. You won’t need to worry about buses or taxis. We design our treasure hunt course with sizes so that you can race around on foot. All you need is brain power, teamwork and shoe leather.

We also offer a ScavengerQuest treasure hunt at the Oregon Zoo!  What’s more fun than telling your family that you were able to spend the day playing at the zoo?

Team Builders Plus offers a wide array of indoor team building activities as well.  SmileKits is a unique and memorable team building activity that we can lead in any conference room. Your teams will complete various fun challenges as they design totes and earn their contents. The totes are filled with wish list items from various organizations such as active US military troops, a children’s hospital or even a pet shelter. Your donated items will make a lasting impression on so many people while developing teamwork and having fun. SmileKits is a great fit for your holiday event too!

Your team can even have the opportunity to solve a high-profile murder case!  CSI NegativeZero immerses your teams into the world of CSI.  Sworn in immediately as CSI agents, your teams will play detective and work the crime lab as they solve the murder of Victor Steele.

Other popular team building activities in Portland include HarmoniaTaking Flight with DISC and Team Challenge.  And don’t forget the always rewarding other charity-based events like Wonder Wagon and Mini Golf Charity Classic and Wheels for the World.