Team Building Activities in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Just because the weather gets a bit cold in Minneapolis, MN, it doesn’t stop our team building activities. Team Builders Plus offers indoor leadership training and corporate team building activities that can be led in any conference room. We have even designed a race throughout the city!

Get ready for a team building activity that is truly amazing. We have utilized the Minneapolis Skyway System as your path for our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt course so weather won’t be a factor. Our race is not just about being the first team to the clue. You’ll have a blast as you take photos, complete zany challenges and learn that doing small acts of kindness along the way really makes a big impact.

If your agenda is packed full of meetings and you are looking for a fun evening team building, You Take the Cake! fits the bill. This 2-3 hour activity is high-energy and will get your team’s creative juices flowing. You will use sheet cakes, cupcakes and tables full of decorations and supplies to create cakes that are a metaphor for teamwork or the theme of your conference. Teams will have the opportunity to showcase their creations and tell the story as to how their cake represents the theme. We don’t recommend eating the cakes when you are through but if you want your late night sugar fix, go ahead and eat the candy pieces along the way as you design and decorate.

Taking Flight with DISC is an engaging session where your team will take part in interactive activities to learn what their communication style is and how to better communicate with one another. We recommend this session as a foundation for leadership development and for anyone in your organization. Everyone will learn how to foster respect, teamwork and trust not only within their own team but within their organization as well.