Team Building Activities in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa sets the scene for exciting indoor and outdoor team building activities. You can launch your team into the galaxy without ever leaving a conference room with Intergalactic Adventure or compete against your peers in the fun and high energy challenges of the Gold Medal Games.

When you visit the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and Planetarium, you most definitely expect to see outer space, but you’ll never be prepared for what you’re going to see on the Intergalactic Adventure from Team Builders Plus. On this trip to the museum, put on your space suit and prepare to time travel to the year 2144. It’s up to you and your coworkers to defend the earth from an alien invasion. Communication, collaboration and sharing resources will help guide your teams to defeat the aliens and save the galaxy. You’re about to realize that if you and your coworkers can overcome an alien invasion together, you can most definitely work together in the office to accomplish your goals. Team Builders Plus is here to demonstrate the power of teamwork and help you develop the skills you need to communicate effectively, assume roles, and contribute special skills, whether it’s in the year 2144 or simply come Monday.  Intergalactic Adventure can be led in any conference room anywhere.

Whether or not you’ve always wanted to fulfill a secret dream of becoming a pastry chef, it’s your time to shine in the cake world in the You Take the Cake! activity. Using a collection of random sweets and decorations, it’s up to you and your team to show off your creativity to decorate a cake designed to exemplify what makes your team special. Sculpt a frosting orchestra to show how you all work together in harmony or create a fondant airplane to demonstrate what makes your plans take flight.

Want a fun outdoor team building idea? Team Builders Plus can lead the Gold Medal Games in just about any recreational park. Teams of 6-10 participants compete in a series of challenges, against each other and against the clock. Don’t worry, we’ve combined a mix of fun mental challenges and physical challenges so everyone can participate.