Team Building Activities in Santa Monica, California

The California coastline offers a view of the ocean like no other and the Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade are lively all year round. When you add our team building activities to the mix, you have the perfect recipe for team building. Together with the help of some coworker brain power, their smart phones and their clue packets, teams will explore the pier and search the Third Street Promenade in search of hidden items. Architecture, statues, signs and hidden art hold the clues. Photo challenges provide bonus points for the risk takers. ScavengerQuest is a team building treasure hunt activity that is hard to top. Strategy and team dynamics are key and a bit of shoe leather doesn’t hurt either.

Enjoy the beautiful warm sand of the beach with a Gold Medal Games activity. Teams compete in a variety of fun Olympic-style team building activities such as balloon races and sand castle building. No one has to be in Olympic form to compete in these activities. We designed each of the challenges for the everyday person so everyone can take part and have fun. Or experience the one-of-a-kind team Samurai on the beach.

And if your team has had a bit too much fun in the sun and you are looking for leadership development, we offer many other programs as well. Taking Flight with DISC is the foundation to our leadership training programs and is a great way for your team to learn about each other and how to better communicate. Communication is the key, not just within the team, but also with peers, direct reports, leaders, clients and even family and friends.