Team Building Activities in Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington is the perfect backdrop for a team building experience. Just minutes from Philadelphia, teams can experience a variety of indoor and outdoor corporate team building activities. Imagine that you and your crew of teammates are requested to launch into the galaxy to solve a drastic problem! It’s the year 2144 and your team must defeat the aliens before they attack the galaxy. No one is exactly sure how to defeat the enemy, but that’s when you huddle together and agree to hash out a plan during your Intergalactic Adventure. The pressure is on, and each member must press their minds to come up with a solution. Only with the combined brain power of the entire crew do you realize the solution! It was so simple, but you all agree it could never have happened if each person didn’t contribute their fair share.

If you’d rather be out and about, your team can choose to explore the expansive streets of Wilmington as you search for clues at sites such as Kalmar Nyckel, the beautiful Grand Opera House, and the informative Delaware Art Museum! Side by side, with smartphones in hand, ScavengerQuest is an entertaining treasure hunt packed with trivia, photo tasks, challenges and scavenger items to locate.  Do you search for the lower-point clues thinking they are easier to find or is your strategy to go after the high value point clues to earn more points.  Maybe slow and steady will win the race?

Another popular outdoor team building activity, Gold Medal Games, is a series of events so entertaining that you won’t realize how quickly your team grew together! You and your partners will compete in groups for first place, while simultaneously learning to trust one another. Since not everyone is a trained athlete, the games are focused on goals like being a team player, having a good attitude, and open mindedness. Gold Medal Games is sure to build friendships, boost morale, and create a powerful energy amongst coworkers that will last for years to come.

And speaking of energy, in order to balance your teams’ energy, you must be in harmony not only with yourself, but with those around you. Get ready to enter the team building dojo with one of our most insightful events, Team Samurai. Our instructors, have over twenty years of experience in teaching the martial arts, meditation, and of course, team building. Your team will explore various aspects of the martial arts as a way of better understanding themselves and the dynamics of the team. Learning to appreciate those around you is the clearest path to becoming the best possible team player!

Discover a wide of range of team building events that can be held in Wilmington, DE.