Team Building Activities in Topeka, Kansas

When some corporate groups plan team building events, they think about warm tropical getaways or rustic dude ranches in the West. There’s no need to travel far when there are so many great team building activities offered right in Topeka.

Imagine, your team enters a conference room for what they think is yet another company meeting, but before they know it, they are suddenly in the center of the murder case of Victor Steele. Victor was the lead actor on the show NegativeZero and he was found murdered in his trailer. Your team is sworn is as CSI agents and the sleuthing begins. Who killed him? Why and how? And just like the real corporate world, we won’t let your team work on just one case at a time. The police force is swamped and your teams will have to multitask to solve other crimes. What everyone thought would be another day of spreadsheets and statistics turned into a day of taping body outlines and lifting fingerprints in the CSI NegativeZero activity.

Combine a corporate team building activity with a philanthropic opportunity. Give back to your community while strengthening your team. Our SmileKits activity is the ideal charity team building activity where you will have the opportunity to make a difference to lives of kids in a hospital, local shelters, active US troops and even a local pet shelter. We reach out to each of the organizations to receive personalized wish lists. Through fun activities, your teams will earn the charity wish list items that will be donated. You will truly have the opportunity to make a difference in your own community and have a fun, memorable team building experience in the process.

If you are looking for leadership development, Taking Flight with DISC is the foundation to leadership skills training and the perfect accompaniment to other team building and training programs. Through this engaging program, you will first learn about your communication style and then the styles of your team. Next, you’ll learn how to adapt your styles to better communicate through interactive exercises based on the popular book- The Chameleon!