Team Building Activities in Santa Fe, New Mexico

When visiting Santa Fe, one of the first things people notice is the multicultural art and architecture that fills the city. Santa Fe is inspiration to a wide variety of team building ideas as well. The city is known for its marriage of Spanish and American culture and is a representation of the ingenuity and creative spirit that inhibits individuals of every background.

You can choose a local conference center or hotel for an assortment of other team building activities. Have you ever wondered why you get along with some people and clash with others? Conflicting personalities don’t have to be a problem as long as you know how to effectively communicate with people and empathize with them, and our Taking Flight with DISC program can help your employees learn more about their other co-workers and even a little about themselves.

Each employee will complete a profile that uses the DISC behavioral model, and then receive useful information that analyses their personality and gives them advice on how to form productive relationships. Your employees will be surprised to learn about how their personality affects the people around them, and even learn how to get along better with their fellow workers.  Discover the power of the four personality styles!

If collaboration and communication skills are what you need to work on, then take your team on a time traveling adventure with Intergalactic Adventure.   Blast off to the year 2144.  You and your team and now part of the Intergalactic peace Force and it’s up to you to save the universe from the alien invasion.  Decision making and completing missions are key as everyone learns you can’t be successful on your own. A powerful debrief at the end of the team building activity will tie the lessons learned back to your work environment.