Team Building Activities in Palo Alto, California

Stanford University is the backdrop for our team building treasure hunt in Palo Alto, CA. If you live in Palo Alto or your company is hosting a conference there, Team Builders Plus can lead a variety of indoor and outdoor team building and leadership training programs to suit your needs.

Your team building treasure hunt begins on the Stanford University campus. With the aid of smartphones, teams will explore the campus and the surrounding area in search of hidden clues. ScavengerQuest is a fun treasure hunt that is perfect for groups of any size and any physical level. You’ll need teamwork, communication, strategy and a bit of luck to navigate your way around the course. There are many restaurants that border the university in Palo Alto that are perfect ending locations for the debrief at the end of the hunt.

If your day is packed full of meetings and you’re looking for an evening team building activity, Team Builders Plus offers many high-energy options for you such as You Take the Cake! and CSI NegativeZero.

During the You Take the Cake! team building activity, teams receive unfrosted sheet cakes and cupcakes and a whole slew of decorations and supplies. They will put their creative hats on and then create cakes designed as metaphors for your event or conference theme. Teams really go all out during this outrageously fun team building activity. Teams have created eagles, hotels, farms, cruise ships and even motorcycles. What type of cake can your team design?

CSI NegativeZero turns your team members into CSI Agents as they solve a murder on a Hollywood set. Someone killed Victor Steele and it’s up to the new agents to figure out which suspect should be charged and to identify their means, motive and opportunity on the arrest warrant. Teamwork, strategy and communication will play a key role in solving the case. And did we mention you’ll have to lift fingerprints, outline a body and perform an autopsy?