Team Building Activities in Southern New Jersey

Imagine being surrounded by exotic and beautiful marine wildlife while on a team building treasure hunt in the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ. Or perhaps, picture yourself on the Battleship New Jersey docked on the Delaware River overlooking Philadelphia as you are transported back to 1944 for your team building exercise.

Your team building event at the Adventure Aquarium will be filled with fun and laughter as you seek the answers to the clues on your team’s ScavengerQuest treasure hunt. Do you and your team have what it takes? Let’s see! In this activity, your team will utilize smartphones with the course details that lead them to a wide variety of clues, ranging from trivia questions to photo tasks to hilarious challenges. Teamwork has never felt so good as you visit sea turtles, hippos and sharks!

Your Battleship Adventure is about to begin. This is the perfect team exercise if you’re looking for laughter and learning. As teams within your larger group seek to protect the battleship from attack, they must work together, share information, and support each on their daily missions. But the temptation to get trapped in silos and lose sight of the big picture may be too enticing. From leadership to teamwork and clear communication skills, you and your fellow team members must work together as a cohesive unit in order to succeed in your mission. Let’s hope they work together!  We also lead this fun team building activity at the Adventure Aquarium but instead of being transported to the South Pacific, your teams will be sent below the oceans to battle aliens in Deep Water Adventure.

Perhaps a CSI: NegativeZero program is just what you’re looking for and any conference room is the perfect place to do some crime fighting. You and your team are enlisted as CSI agents who must solve a series of dastardly crimes, including finding the murderer of a Hollywood TV star. Along the way, you’ll use blood test kits (with fake blood, of course), DNA analysis, bullet hole assessment, and even real detective’s fingerprint lifting technology. This indoor team building activity requires teamwork, good problem-solving skills & a sense of humor.