Team Building Activities in Cincinnati, OH

Whether your team is visiting Cincinnati for a conference or you’re based in the area, Cincinnati is the perfect place for your next team building event. Imagine your group participating in our Intergalactic Adventure activity in the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal or discovering the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens while participating in our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt. Book a conference room at the Great American Ballpark and we’ll bring you  a sports-themed programs like Gold Medal Games!

“Follow me!” your coworker shouts as she rushes past the exotic bird exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. No one is writing up sales reports; instead, you’re using smartphones to guide you from clue to clue to find a hidden treasure.

Business casual attire today consists of a t-shirt, jeans, and running shoes, and the zoo is your office. Your group of 4-6 people makes a great team as you try to solve clues throughout the entire zoo. But the ScavengerQuest treasure hunt is just one of many team building exercises in Cincinnati, Ohio created and facilitated by Team Builders Plus.

If you’ve ever watched a crime drama, your brain is in good shape for this next team activity. You’ll become deputized agents in CSI NegativeZero and you’ll use finger print kits, DNA analysis, blood spatter kits (not real blood, of course), and as much collaboration as you can muster. As special agents, you’ll discover that you couldn’t have caught the criminal without each other’s help!  Who killed Victor Steele, maybe your team has the right answer.

And if your team is looking for something completely different, imagine a martial arts themed team building event. In Team Samurai you’ll discover that the principles that underlie the martial arts just so happen to apply to the workplace as well. For example, while learning and actually experiencing the concept of chi (or energy), participants will gain insight to the idea that you are either a fountain or a drain and must be responsible for the energy we bring to the workplace. Where else will you find veteran team of facilitators who are also expert martial arts instructors? This program can be done outdoors at the Art Museum or in any conference room.