Houston, Texas - Team Building Activities

Discover a wide of range of corporate team building events that can be held in Houston.

Enjoy a memorable day in Downtown Houston or the Houston Zoo with our ScavengerQuest team building treasure hunt. Who wouldn’t want to spend a day at this beautiful zoo? Explore the exhibits in teams of 4-6 participants armed with smart phones during the three-hour treasure hunt. Our treasure hunt will help you find the clues, but don’t think the technology will point you right the answer. You will still have to rely on critical thinking, communication skills and teamwork if you want to find the clues.

Take advantage of the conference facilities at the Houston Zoo and embark in any of our indoor team building activities like Taking Flight with DISC, a perfect complement to a day of learning and fun. Understanding the four personality styles will unlock the tools your team needs to better understand each other and communicate on a whole new level.

Charity-based team building is another way to get to know Houston and help children in hospitals or our military troops.  SmileKits is one of our popular philanthropic activities. Teams decorate over-sized totes with inspirational messages and by completing rounds of activities, your team will fill the totes with wish list items that get donates to children in hospitals, school districts, our military troops or even to a pet shelter.