Team Building Activities in Fargo, North Dakota

Fargo is the largest city in the great state of North Dakota and with the right team building activity, it can also be a great location for fun and team bonding.

We’ve all seen martial movies, but how about a day of martial arts-based team building. Most people think karate is only good for displaying fast and powerful fighting skills, but this ancient art can help your employees improve build teamwork and learn about creating a positive work environment. The Team Samurai team activity utilizes the martial arts to teach you how to think about and experience everyday activities differently. You’ll learn about the various mind states needed for martial arts and how they can improve your performance in the work place. Our instructors have more than 20 years of martial arts experience, and after you finish this unique team exercise, you’ll be looking at work and life in a completely different way.

Another exciting team building activity that can be experienced in Fargo is our You Take the Cake! activity. Who knew that creativity and teamwork could be so delicious? In this team event, you and your co-workers will be broken up into small groups and given a large sheet cake to decorate. You and your team will have to work together to create a beautiful cake that will be a symbol of your team. But we’re not talking about simply drawing on a cake, we’re talking about turning your cake into a three-dimensional piece of art. Past sculptures include guitars, motorcycles, bridges and more! At the end of the day you’ll make a commercial to present your creation to the rest of your co-workers. It’ll take a lot of cooperation and teamwork to build your perfect cake, but the end result will be even sweeter than the dessert you created!

Mini Golf Charity Classic is just one of the many charity-based team building events we lead in Fargo.  Using decorations, artificial turf and tons of perishable canned and boxed food, your team members have the opportunity to design and build mini golf holes, play a round of mini golf and then donate the food to a local food bank.