Team Building Activities in New York

New York City is a one-of-a-kind city and a magnificent venue for your next team building event.

If you’ve seen “A Night at the Museum” (sure, we know it was because of your kids…), you’re familiar with the iconic entrance to the American Museum of Natural History. As you head up those steps past the statue of Teddy Roosevelt on his horse, you may wonder if the inside looks just like it does in the movie too. Well, of course Hollywood took some artistic license with the interiors shown in the film, but you’ll see the elements and exhibits that inspired the movie all around you. What better way to explore and see it all than our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt?  We’ll divide your group into teams of 5 and arm them with smartphones and the tools they need to find the clues, take photos and complete engaging challenges.

If getting out and exploring this beautiful city is more of what you’re looking for, check out our ScavengerQuest courses in Central Park, Times Square and Battery Park.  We can lead our hunts just about anywhere in the city.

The Big Apple is filled with big heart and charity-based team building activities, which are a wonderful way to build teamwork and camaraderie while giving back to the community.  SmileKitsWonder Wagon and Wheels for the World are just a few charity team building options we offer.

In a city filled with sky-high buildings, you can take your team to new heights and embrace the power of the personality styles with Taking Flight with DISC.  Your team will learn how to improve communication at work, in their personal lives and in life through our fun team building games!