Team Building Activities in Las Vegas, Nevada

Whether your company or group is based in Las Vegas, NV or just visiting, Team Builders Plus can add fun, learning and excitement to make your next meeting or conference a memorable one.

At Team Builders Plus we design our programs so that your team can experience crucial skills like leadership, team work, and communication while having a great time. Our team building programs will enhance your next event through the experience of our exciting group activities.

Imagine your group participating in our Intergalactic Adventure activity at The National Atomic Testing Museum. The scenario: An alien invasion is threatening earth. As members of the Intergalactic Peace Force, your mission is to blast into space and dismantle the alien’s communication arrays. This will require each team to devise and execute strategic plans, carefully consider their limited supplies, and squeeze the most ingenuity out of each team member to successfully thwart the aliens and save the earth!

If you’d like a team building experience that allows you to explore Las Vegas, NV, you’ll love our ScavengerQuest treasure hunt. Roam around the outrageous sites of the world’s most famous entertainment Mecca as you search for clues up and down Las Vegas Boulevard.You’ll have a smart phone, but don’t think that it’ll make the quest easy. You and your teammates will be testing your intelligence and your ability to work together while you take in the unique, fun and crazy atmosphere that is Las Vegas.

Taking Flight with DISC will revolutionize how you see yourself and every member of your team. You will discover why you click with some, clank with others, and what to do about it. This program will engage your team through revealing insights about workplace human nature. After all, each of us experience situations with co-workers that have us scratching our heads. Understanding why we say and do the things we do releases the laughter of self-recognition and deep learning.

Participants will emerge with a wide range of strategies for maximizing their own strengths and an improved ability to recognize the unique contribution each DISC behavioral style brings to the workplace. Your team will be engaged from the beginning in group activities that deepen their learning and enable participants to understand each other with depth and clarity. Team takeaways include: Improved team dynamics, tailored strategies around critical situations like managing change, delegation, conflict management, time management, and effective communication.

Hundreds of companies, from small and medium sized to Fortune 100 corporations, have tapped the wisdom of Taking Flight With DISC to bring out the best in their teams at every level. This program is a unique experience whose impact will be felt and talked about for years within your organization.

Take a moment to think about the first bicycle you rode as a child. Do you remember how much joy you felt when you first learned how to ride it? Do you remember how proud you were to show your friends your new bike? Now take a moment to think about a child that won’t be able to have that experience because his or her family can’t afford to buy them a bicycle. If that image moves you, we have a team building activity that can make a difference in a child’s life.

Team Builders Plus partners with charities like Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the United Way to ensure that the bikes built in Wheels for the World get to kids who need them most. (If your organization has its own charity affiliation, we are happy to work with them as well.)

Here’s how the program unfolds: Your group is split into teams of 6 or 7. Each team is given a number of fun team challenges to complete, after which a bicycle part is earned. Over the next fun filled 3 hours, your team will work together to solve a number of outrageously fun exercises and put together one or two new bikes. Competition with other teams is also part of the fun. Meanwhile, Team Builders Plus has arranged to have the children secretly brought to the event. In another room a group of children are now awaiting their surprise. Only your team coordinator will be aware of what is about to happen. At the end of the program children burst into the room filled with gleaming new bikes festooned with decorations, cards and balloons. Your group will be shocked and thrilled to greet them, and there probably won’t be a dry eye to be found.