Team Building Activities in Scottsdale, Arizona

Team Builders Plus offers a variety of leadership training programs and fun team building activities that are an ideal complement to any corporate event or team meeting. Old Town Scottsdale is unique setting for a treasure hunt and the western skies are perfect for meditation during Team Samurai.Set out to explore Old Town Scottsdale after a long day of meetings or kick off a week of seminars with a fun experience to loosen up the group.  ScavengerQuest is a great way to learn about the area if you have team members who are flying to Scottsdale for your meeting. Our treasure hunts are interactive, unique and everyone will have a blast as they set out to explore the area and compete to solve clues and tasks.  We can end the course at a restaurant and before food is served, our skilled facilitator will lead our debrief and talk about how you worked together and strategized while all you thought you were doing was having fun.

If you can’t get away from your resort, we offer many indoor team building activities. You Take the Cake! is an ideal ice breaker activity or late evening program. Teams use sheet cakes, cupcakes, and a plethora of decorations and supplies to create cakes that are a metaphor for your conference or meeting.

Team Samurai offers a mix of team development and team building. Don’t worry, this activity was designed for every physical level. We won’t have anyone break any boards with their heads. Your group will learn about the elements of the martial arts and how they relate to communication, stress and focus. An optional meditation component is recommended to help promote the need for a work/life balance.