Faster. Leaner. Every day, teams are challenged to do more with less…and I need it yesterday!

Studies are showing that workplace stress has reached new heights and it’s fairly obvious to recognize that higher stress levels increase the possibility of mistakes at work overall employee burnout.

So what’s an organization to do? Teams have been reaching out to Team Builders Plus for a one-of-a-kind workshop called, Team Samurai. This session allows participants to discover the power of the ancient practice of meditation

In this team building program, team members learn how to re-center themselves after a difficult customer interaction, ground themselves before making a presentation, or re-energizing when that mid-afternoon energy decreases.

For many years, I have been reluctant to combine my more than twenty years of meditation and martial arts experience with my eighteen years of team and leadership training in the classroom. But as I see heightened stress levels, I knew that the time was right.