Some organizations want to make a positive impact on their home community while helping to improve team dynamics in the office. Can this be done at the same time without ever leaving the comfort of home base? You bet!

Imagine being a young child, and you find out you have to go to the hospital for a big, scary operation, and that you might have to stay there for a long time. This is a terrifying ordeal for a child to face.

SmileKits enables you to help these children get through a traumatic time in their life by bringing them a bundle of joy to ease the process. You’ll start by decorating an extra-large tote bag, then complete challenges to earn goodies to stuff that tote to the brim. Imagine the look on the child’s face when they get all the toys, books, games, and art supplies that can help keep them busy during their hospital stay.

This is more than just a goody bag – it’s a step toward normalcy for a frightened child. When children play in the hospital, it reminds them of familiar times of playing at home, and brings a level of comfort and familiarity to a foreign and scary environment. It helps them make new friends in their new surroundings. The positive endorphins help the healing process. And everybody knows laughter is the best medicine.

They say that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. But when life hands you lemons, it usually forgets the sugar. Lemonade without sugar is terrible. Be the sugar for a child and add sweetness to help ease a rough time.