When is team building more than just team building? When you give back to the community while improving group dynamics.

Philanthropic team building events bring teams together to work on a group project that yields result that transcend beyond the conference room. Philanthropic team building programs impact others beyond you and your coworkers.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Sounds good, but I don’t want to go out and clean parks, paint houses, and get dirty.”

The good news is, you don’t have to! You make an immediate and lasting impact on your community in the comfort of a local conference room.

In Wheels for the World, for example, teams complete challenges to earn bicycle parts to build real bikes for real kids. Most of us probably took our childhood bikes for granted, but not every child grows up with a bike. A bike is more than just a toy; getting your first bike is a right of passage for kids. When we ask people to think of what a bike means to a kid, the overwhelming response is “freedom.” This is freedom to visit your friends on your own terms, freedom to go father than ever before, freedom to increase your opportunities. Imagine a group of kids from your local Boys and Girls Club or Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization running into the meeting room at the end of the event so you can see the direct impact your group has made on children’s lives! Their smiles and unbounded joy will bring tears to your eyes.

Teams who participate in philanthropic events feel the excitement of team building couple with the joy of giving back. Now that’s a memorable experience that people are sure to talk about long after the kids receive their bikes.