National Treasure and its sequel were big hits. The Amazing Race took Reality TV watchers on weekly adventures around the world. The DaVinci Code thrilled audiences with Tom Hanks’ clue-solving prowess.

All of this adds up to the desire of teams to experience clue-solving for themselves on their own team building treasure hunt. Teambuilding, Inc. taken up this challenge and created GeoQuest: The High-Tech Treasure Hunt. Teams of five or six receive a hand-held GPS unit that has been preprogrammed with specific sites (waypoints) that contain clues to solving the puzzles.

Groups can race through more than 45 cities around the United States, such as Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami, San Diego, Denver, San Francisco and more. On their way, they must use their GPS unit to navigate to the waypoint. Once there, they must use their wits and keen powers of observation to solve mind-boggling clues.

Team building treasure hunts offer groups with the opportunity to work together to make decisions and get results, but most of all, they have a fun, bonding, shared experience that lasts well beyond their treasure hunt.