Have you ever been in a relationship where it is impossible to please everyone all the time? Well here is my situation with my work team. Although I love my teammates dearly, we were having a constant battle over the office temperature. (I know, if this is our biggest point of contention, I shouldn’t complain.) While this seems to be a minor issue (and I suppose it is), Old Man Winter is knocking on our door and the battle over the thermostat is getting, well, quite heated. Half of my team members come to work bundled up in parkas, while others (including myself) wear short sleeves.

As a team building company, I want my fellow team members to be happy. And while I consider us to be a high-performance team, I know that most teams are not as fortunate as us. Every day, we see how they struggle with all sorts of workplace problems, including jumping to conclusions, making rapid decisions before assessing the whole situation (especially when they are on short deadlines), and not searching for the best solution to a problem…

These types of workplace problems can be easily solved when approached properly and the correct processes are used. Determining the best solution for the problem requires an effective problem solving process. We have helped numerous clients to enhance their problem solving skills through our training program, Solving Workplace Problems.

This program can be used to resolve anything from our climate zone issue in our office to fixing the larger scale issues that plague companies. Do you want to learn more about this program? Check out the Teambuilding, Inc. Management Training program: Solving Workplace Problems.