We’ve had a great summer here at Team Builders Plus. We’ve been busy with scavenger hunts and adventures, and loved seeing teams bond while scouring their city for clues and participating in fun physical

It may only be October, but we can already feel it in the air: ‘tis the season for packing away our summer gear and starting to think about how we can show our community that we care, in the spirit of the holidays.

With one of our team building programs, you can bring the whole team together for a great cause. Nothing helps your team bond like working together to help others in their community. Not only will one of these fun, fast-paced activities have a lasting impact on your team dynamics, but you’ll also have a big impact on your local community.

Mini Golf Charity Classic
Building a wacky mini golf course is the perfect balance of teamwork, creativity and lots of laughter. The Mini Golf Charity Classic is a great bonding experience for your team, as they collaborate on their project and have some fun with a few rounds of mini golf.

But it doesn’t end there—this is no ordinary golf course, after all. The canned and boxed food your team uses to build the golf course will be donated to your local food bank to help those in need this Holiday Season.

Wheels for the World
At first, Wheels for the World seems like a standard team building exercise. Your team splits into groups that complete a series of challenges together. Each challenge earns a new part to build a bicycle, and by the end of the day, each group has built a working kid’s bike.

This fun, fast-paced and engaging exercise is rewarding in itself, but your team gets a surprise at the end. Don’t tell them, but we’ll bring in the kids that receive the bikes, so all the team can see up close and personal, the kind of profound impact that all of their hard work has had. It’s hard to keep from tearing up when you see the outpouring of joy and excitement—stock up on tissues.

Around this time of year, you’re busy planning gifts for you family and friends. Do you ever wish you could give to others in your community, too? With SmileKits from Team Builders Plus, you can.

SmileKits are gift bags that bring a little light into the lives of hospitalized kids, military families, teachers and even pets awaiting adoption in shelters. During a SmileKits activity, your team works in groups, accompanied by upbeat music, to pack up and decorate the giant canvas bag. This activity requires a lot of collaboration and creativity, and will help your team learn about how well they work together. You’ll bust silos, bring team members together and help out those in need all at once.

Let us find you the perfect team building exercise for your organization. Give us a call at 856-596-4196 to learn more.