The summer is a great time to get out of the office and enjoy a team building activity…as long as the weather cooperates that is. It seems that this year, Mother Nature has decided to keep us all on our toes. When selecting an outdoor team building activity for your team or organization, its important to ask your facilitator about rain back up plans. offers four rain insurance plans to help ensure the day’s events go off without a hitch whether your taking part in a GeoQuest High-Tech Treasure Hunt or the latest philanthropic hit, Kindness Wins.

Its challenging enough coordinating everyone’s schedules and selecting the perfect day for the event, so why chance having your team building event washed out. Check out the rain plan options offered by Team Builders Plus.:

Option 1: No insurance
Option 2: Ponchos provided for each participant
Option 3: Alternative team building activity (determined with the recommendations of the facilitator)
Option 4: Rain date

We all have insurance on our homes and cars and especially for our loved ones. Why not insure your program to ensure that everyone has a fantastic time, regardless of the weather.