There’s a lot going on in our world right now and much of it reminds us just how much other people in our community need support during difficult times, especially during the holidays. We want to pitch in and make a difference and often feel like we are just one person. We forget that we are not alone. We are surrounded by a team at work every day and together, we can make a difference in not just someone else’s life but in our own as well.

Charitable team building pools your resources as a company to make a tremendous impact on the life of individuals in need. It brings your team together in the spirit of the season and brightens everyone’s mood when holiday stresses might have them feeling frantic.

SmileKits from Team Builders Plus is the ideal team building exercise during this time of year and for good reason. This high-energy, creative event is surefire team-strengthening that guarantees that members of your community get some much-needed TLC.

During the SmileKits event, your team takes on fast-paced challenges set to high-energy music. As your team works together in this fun, quick-moving environment, each task earns them items for their SmileKit, geared towards the charity of your choice.

You can choose to fill your SmileKits with different types of items ranging from toys and games for children who are in a hospital to toiletries and personal items for military servicemen and women. The items can be donated to individuals in homeless shelters or women’s shelters. Your team can even create SmileKits filled with school supplies for students or food and pet supplies for animals in shelters. It’s up to you and your team where you want to make an impact.

Your team will also decorate your large canvas SmileKit bags according to the theme that you choose for the day. The theme gives your team creative inspiration and also brings your team members closer together.

Call Team Builders Plus today to brighten up the holiday season for your company and your community.