Team Building Exercise- Team Chef

Team Chef- Team Building Activity

Team Chef Team building program

Begin your Team Chef experience by attending our “Restaurant School.” Teams will take part in a series of team building activities to win the materials you 

Walk into a fine restaurant and the décor immediately makes you feel that this will be a special experience. 
need to make tasty and healthy appetizers that will please the pallet, fill the belly, and sharpen the mind. Bon appetite!

The way the tables are arranged, the centerpieces, even how the napkins are folded! Your teams will learn how to create tablescapes to impress.

Once your table is designed, teams will then begin high-energy team building challenges to earn ingredients to create their delicacies. Teams will prepare Roast Beef Canapes, Turkey Hummus Pinwheels, Sweet Ricotta Toasts, Caprese Skewers and All American Parfaits. 

But first, you need to work as a team to earn the necessary ingredients. Do you have what it takes to survive the Licorice Basket Brigade or the Calorie Counter?

At each challenge, one lucky team will even win a secret ingredient! Will they share the fruits of their success? We’ll see!

Wrapping up the event, and before they enjoy the fruits of their labor, teams will perform a commercial about their restaurant. Hilarity ensues.

Team Chef is a fast-paced, fun, team building activity that can place in just about any conference room.

Safety, cleanliness, knife safety guidelines are reviewed in the program