Team Building Program - Taking Flight With Disc

Team Building Program - Taking Flight with DISC

Team Building Disc Program

Are you direct and decisive like an eagle?
Are you social and energetic like a parrot?
Are you supportive and sensitive like a dove?
Are you inquisitive and detail-oriented like an owl?


Just about everybody has taken a personality test. You get the results back and say, “Oh neat,” and then what happens? Nothing. So how is this DISC session different?

In a highly entertaining format, Taking Flight With DISC provides dozens of practical applications for how to use the behavioral styles to improve your job, your relationships, and your life. 

Start off with taking the DISC behavioral profile, and not only learn about yourself, but your colleagues, your clients, your spouse, and even your kids. Discover how each style interacts with the world and the people around them and how you can better understand their goals, needs, and ways of communicating. The laughs come early and often as participants recognize themselves and each other in a whole new light.

Imagine being able to instantly know someone else’s DISC style. You can - if you know what to look for. You’ll learn about the best ways to connect with each style, making you more effective in your daily personal and business interactions, and improving your results fast.

Have you ever wondered why we get along with some people so well and others tend to drive us crazy?  What is personality?  Take the DISC survey, and you’ll discover the answers!

Taking Flight With DISC is centered around the philosophy that you earn the best results when treating other people the way they want to be treated, not the way you want to be treated.  How do you know what other people want?  It’s easy once you understand the DISC styles.

This interactive and often hilarious training session is filled with practical strategies for immediately applying DISC knowledge to: increase team effectiveness, improve client relations, enrich just about every relationship that matters to you in your personal life, and capitalize on your own strengths. Now that sounds much better than just taking another personality test!

Program Highlights:

  • Take the DISC profile and learn your DISC style.
  • Discover how to recognize other people's DISC style.
  • Improve communication and increase effectiveness with the     relationships that matter most.