ScavengerQuest - Team Building Activity

ScavengerQuest - The Next Generation Scavenger Hunt

scavengerquest team building program

The next generation of scavenger hunt has arrived.   Get your team ready for the most thrilling team building adventure ever!  It’s time for ScavengerQuest.  scavengerquest iphone treasure hunt

Using your Android or Apple smartphones, teams race, complete fun challenges, earn points and even Photo Stream pictures to share with each other during the hunt.  

“I loved to share my photos with the other teams and we posted them on Facebook!”

scavengerquest excellent team building program

Have a highly competitive team?  

You’ll enjoy having access to our real-time leaderboard to see where they stack up against the competition.  But hold onto your phones because the facilitator will turn off this feature toward the end.  You must cross the finish line to see who the winning team is!

scavengerquest team building programScavengerQuest is perfect for a large conference or a small team event.   You can discover a city or zoo like you never have before!  Race in and out of shops, throughout city streets, search for famous landmarks and give back with charity-based tasks.  

Your ScavengerQuest challenges may include:

Photo Challenges   scavengerquest snap a photo
Designed to inspire creativity, memorable interactions and provide photo documentation of completing a task or challenge.

GPS Check-ins   scavengerquest Check-Ins
Set to encourage your team to explore and find specific locations then “check-in” to verify their visit.

scavengerquest team building programQuestion & Answer Challenges    scavengerquest question and answer
Written to educate and quiz your team members about information they may need know about their workplace, the environment around them or fun trivia about their organization or city.

ScavengerQuest is truly the most awesome scavenger hunt ever.  

Can your teams handle it?  

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Program Specs:

Group size: 6-300+
Program Length: 2-3 hours
Suggested Team Size: 5 is optimal, 3-6 is fine
Space requirements: city
Program Location: outside