Our Most Popular Team Building Activities


ScavengerQuest Team

Get your team ready for the most thrilling team building adventure ever! Using your Android or Apple smartphones, teams race, complete fun challenges, earn points and even Photo Stream pictures to share with each other during the hunt. You can discover a city or zoo like you never have before! 

Gold Medal Games

Gold Medal Games Team Building

Based on the ideals of teamwork, sportsmanship, and good clean fun, Gold Medal Games is team building program full of hilarious exercises designed to build camaraderie among coworkers.

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Intergalactic Adventure

Intergalactic Adventure team building

Intergalactic Adventure begins by informing the group that the enemy is coming and each table is tasked with destroying one of the communication satellites that reaches across the galaxy and allows them to communicate. 


smilekits team building program

Participate in a memorable, philanthropic team building event and simultaneously reach out and bring joy and inspiration to those who needs it most, including children hospitals, military, teachers and pets. 

Taking Flight with DISC

taking flight with disc team building

In a highly entertaining format, Taking Flight With DISC provides dozens of practical applications for how to use the behavioral styles to improve your job, your relationships, and your life.

You Take the Cake!

You Take the Cake team building

You Take the Cake is a delicious and creative team building program for your team. Imagine sculpting a cake into an artistic and innovative metaphor for teamwork, success, or any initiative your organization is supporting.

Wheels For The World

Wheels for the World - Bike Build

Wheels for the World is a team building program that offers your team the chance to pass those feelings on to a child by building & donating bikes.

Mini Golf Charity Classic

Mini golf Charity Classic Team Building

Mini Golf Charity Classic, is an amazing and philanthropic way to give to those in need while having a blast & strengthening your team at the same time. This program delivers massive food donations to those in need.

Top Team Building Activities

team bonding

Welcome to your resource for all of your team building needs. Programs range from fun team activities to intensive team development processes.

Whether you are looking for a fun team bonding experience, enhancing the dynamics of your team or have specific team issues that need to be resolved, you have come to the right place. 

This page is designed to give you a sample of our most popular team building programs.  We offer such a wide range of activities, we wanted to make the process a little easier for you to select the bonding experience that is right for your team.  Of course, we also have experts standing by to help guide you through the process, but for those who like to do their own research first, this is a great place to get started.

Looking for treasure hunts?  Our Ultimate Race has something for everyone!  Photo clues, bring backs, random acts of kindness, local landmarks, and a facilitated challenge will keep everyone engaged in this competitive bonding experience.

Prefer charitable team building programsWheels for the World, Mini Golf Charity Classic, and SmileKits provide an unforgettable experience for your team while also giving back to the community.

Looking for deeper learning?  Intergalactic Adventure will take your team on a wild ride through the galaxy with the goal of saving Earth from an alien attack.  But how will they do it?  Will they work together?  Will they sabotage each other while trying to win?  The debrief at the end of this activity covers communication, trust, breaking down silos, shared vision, planning ahead, and the benefits of working together as one team with one goal.  
Our most popular team building activity by far is Taking Flight with DISC.  This takes DISC training beyond anything you have ever seen.  This is not just a classroom lesson- this session is interactive and fun, and will give your group a bonding experience they will never forget while learning a practical skill they can use.

Enjoy browsing our selection, and please reach out to us to answer any of your questions and help you choose the best program to meet your goals.

Would you like to see more? View the complete list of our team building programs.

Whether you are looking for a fun team bonding experience, enhancing the dynamics of your team or have specific team issues that need to be resolved, you have come to the right place.