treasure hunt team building activity


Get your team ready for the most thrilling team building adventure ever! Using your Android or Apple smartphones, teams race, complete fun challenges, earn points and even Photo Stream pictures to share with each other during the hunt. You can discover a city or zoo like you never have before!

Scavenger hunt team building

The Ultimate Race

Team Builders Plus has been leading a wide variety of treasure hunts for more than 20 years. And now, we’ve combined the best elements of our Amazing Race, Ready…Set…Chase!, PhotoHunt, Kindness Wins and Team Challenge.

clue based team building activity

ClueQuest Treasure Hunt

ClueQuest takes your team on a fun and thought-provoking team building treasure hunt through a museum in your area. The adventure starts right away as teams compete for the best team cheer to get the rivalry started and the adrenaline pumping.

zombie team building treasure hunt

The Zombie Treasure Hunt

Save the city from the zombie outbreak and quite possibly… you’ll save our world. Barricades and serums are not enough to hold them back any longer.


Team Building Treasure HuntsOur team building treasure hunts are a corporate favorite when it comes to planning and executing a fun event based around your needs and your location!

Looking for a treasure hunt? This page is designed to help you find the best hunt for your team.

Our most popular hunt is The Ultimate Race. This really is one stop shopping because it has something for everyone. There are things to scavenge, pictures to take, philanthropic team building opportunities, a custom section designed to show off your location, and a facilitated challenge in the middle. This is our Ultimate treasure hunt experience.

Have a tech-savvy crew? Try ScavengerQuest! You’ll get to see famous landmarks and architecture, the zany and weird features that every city boasts, and all the places that make your city great, while solving the clues, taking pictures, and having an unforgettable team bonding experience.

Want to be inside? ClueQuest is our indoor treasure hunt set in a local museum. Even if you’ve been to your local museum, you’ve never seen it like this before. Cracking the codes and solving puzzles will guide you to different parts of the museum, and once you’re there the hunt is on for the crucial piece of information what will earn your team the points to win.

Finally, check our Zombie Treasure Hunt! You team is out to hunt the zombies down, find the cure, save your city…and possibly save the world! This unique treasure hunt send you out to gather evidence, document the zombie infection with photos and videos, defeat the zombie scourge, and develop the cure to save us all. Will your team survive?

All of these fun team building activities will bring your team closer together, help boost communication and morale, and give you and your team an experience you won’t soon forget!